Mobile Medical & Physiotherapy Services

Mobile Medical & Physiotherapy Services

At Era Health, we can offer mobile medical and physiotherapy services in every Australian state. That means you will not have to send employees to our medical clinics and facilities. A few lost hours here and there can really add up in terms of lost productivity, so we offer mobile medical and physiotherapy services, so your employees may be diagnosed, tested and even treated whilst at your workplace.

· You can save time and money with onsite medicals
· You can promote Health & Safety protocols in your workplace
· You can comply with Duty of Care rules
· You can have repetitive injuries diagnosed on the spot
· You can enjoy a variety of our services in your own workplace

Era Health clinics offers a wide range of medical and assessment services to employers in Melbourne and Australia. The mobile team has specially trained doctors and specialists that come to your business workplace and perform a number of onsite health and employment assessments, health management services and health checks.

Having doctors actually present can help improve worker moral, and will show your staff and the outside world that you care about people. It will help prove that you are taking all due care and consideration regarding your Health and Safety protocols, which will also improve your standing with the local community and your customers.

What services can we offer in your workplace?

There are few limits to the services we can offer, and we are happy to come up with a tailored plan to suit your company. The most frequently requested services include:

• Flu vaccinations
• Skin cancer checking and screening
• Safety training and testing
• Manual Handling training
• Ergonomic assessment
• Risk management and assessment
• Pre-employment medical testing
• Alcohol and drug screening
• Duty and fitness assessments
• Injury and illness rehabilitation
• Health monitoring and surveillance
• Workers injury management
• Corporate, executive and workforce health assessments

Our mobile medical and physiotherapy services help improve worker safety and the fact it is mobile helps integrate the process into your business. You can have one of our qualified doctors or physiotherapists set aside a small area on your premises to carry out tests and checks on your employees.

If you get in contact with Era Health, we can arrange a tailored plan that suits you and your company, so that you too may enjoy the benefits of our mobile medical and physiotherapy services.