Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development

Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development

Our Era Health professionals are dedicated to helping you develop management plans and strategies so that you comply with any OH&S regulations. Our Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development, our doctors, specialists and combined expertise can help create a healthy and safe working environment for your entire workforce.

Helping You Create A Duty Register

There are numerous different tasks that have to be carried out by workers, so we break each process down and help you match the right employees to the right jobs. After each task and each job is analysed, we can list its physical demands and determine which employees will be able to work with the lowest risk of injury. A duty register can help contribute to better worker safety, better risk management plans and better injury rehabilitation.

We provide a service that is as intensive as you like. We can offer help with Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development on a very big scale, or we can simply check over the good work your company executives have already done. Getting a second opinion from us shows a form of due diligence, and helps prove your company genuinely cares if it reaches and surpasses any Health & Safety regulations and laws.

Your company has individual needs

Our staff at Era Health are not sent into your business with a specific agenda or template. Each workplace is approached as new by our professionals, so that we can create a truly tailored solution for your company specifically.

Helping With Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development

Well developed and correct Medical Guidelines Development is needed, especially now more than ever, when employees are constantly barraged with offers to claim injury money with no risk to themselves. Era health Clinic can help you determine which workers are medically fit to work and which still need time to rehabilitate and heal.

We can work with your own executives to come up with the most specific and tailored plans to weave into your Duties Register and Medical Guidelines Development. Our doctors, specialists and professionals have been trained for this purpose specifically, and are kept up to date with industry rules, national legislation and state guidelines.

Health Checks May Become More Productive

With proper medical guidelines in place, Era Health staff can better diagnose problems with your staff. This is especially true if your staff are flaunting the rules set out by their duty register and your company medical guidelines. A good set of medical guidelines may help you avoid compensation claims in the future, as you may be able to prove your staff were breaking the guidelines. Let us set out a tailored plan just for your company.