Executive Health Assessments

Executive Health Assessments

Preventative action is vital in the business world, which is why executive health assessments are important. Sports teams do not allow their star players to slip into poor health. The loss of a staff member, especially due to work related illness, is potentially very damaging to the company.

Executive health assessments in Melbourne help prevent loss

Executive health assessments may seem like a pointless waste in order to secure lower insurance premiums, but if you have invested significant funds into a staff member, then the last thing you want to do is lose that employee to an illness or ailment that could have easily been avoided.

It is possible to avoid lawsuits before they are filed

Besides the loss in productivity, there is also a chance of a lawsuit and an increase in insurance premiums. Executive health assessments in Melbourne CBD, will help identify health issues preemptively, during their growth, and when they are in full swing. Future problems may be avoided completely and sometimes lives are saved thanks to the medical examinations performed.

What to expect from your medical assessment

The first visit will last up to around three hours, and a range of tests will be performed. Further investigations may be made due to findings from family history and past health problems.

You will also be expected to fill out a medical questionnaire about your past and current health. The physical examination is quite comprehensive, which will almost certainly contain an ECG, and may include a check X-Ray.

If your company dictates, then further tests may be performed, such as a dental checkup. This has become more popular over the years as links with dental problems and heart disease become more and more substantiated.

You can save money with Era Health executive medicals

The amount of money lost through illness days and long-term illness is simply frightening. There is also the ethical argument for protecting the health of your employees.

Identifying self inflicted health issues

Staff members are free to do as they please in their own time, but assessing their value over time may include more than their work health and the amounts you have invested into them.

Self-inflicted ailments may come as the result of your staff members’ decisions outside of work. An executive health assessment may identify things such as high cholesterol, too much smoking, and even identify the use of illegal or abused substances.

There is also a chance that during the assessments a genuine and life-threatening illness may be identified. If the illness happens to be contagious, which is unlikely, then the executive health assessment pays for itself.

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